Role-Playing Games


6-Panel GM Screen for Pathfinder (PDF)
Animal Companion/Eidolon/Mount Sheet
Archives of Nethys
Bestiary Traits for Pathfinder (PDF)
GM Toolkit for PFS
Light Levels in Pathfinder
Official Pathfinder Character Sheet
PF Character Sheet (2 pgs.) - Fillable
PF Character Sheet (3 pgs.) - Fillable
PF Character Sheet (6 pgs.) - Fillable
PF Class Guides
PF Cheat Sheets & Tracking Sheets
PF Guide to Touch Spells
PFS FAQ and Clarifications
PFS: Noob to Pro
Player Tabs for GMs (PDF)
Point-Buy Calculator
Traits in Pathfinder
Upgrading Gear in PFS


Shadowrun 5th Character Sheet (2 pgs.)
North America Map - Circa 2070

General RPG Resources

Dungeon Painter Online
Fantasy Name Generator
Manly Name Generator
Medieval Occupations
Printable Grid Paper
Printable Hex Paper

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Classics
D&D 5e Character Sheet (1 pg.) - Fillable
D&D 5e Character Sheet (4 pgs.) - Fillable
D&D 5e Party Tracker (2 pgs.) - Fillable
D&D 4e Character Sheet (2 pgs.)
D&D3.5 Character Sheet (4 pgs.)
D&D3 Character Sheet (2 pgs.)
AD&D2 Character Sheet (6 pgs.) - Fillable
AD&D Character Sheet (1 pg.)
AD&D Downloads

General Cthulhu Resources

"The Call of Cthulhu"
H.P. Lovecraft Archive
Lovecraft Bestiary

Other RPGs

13th Age
Call of Cthulhu
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Eclipse Phase
Hollow Earth Expeditions
Iron Kingdoms
One Ring
Savage Worlds
Star Wars
Trail of Cthulhu
Warhammer 40K


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